Welcome to The Hydraulics! In this neighborhood, Reuben B. Heacock founded the Hydraulic Business Association in 1827 and created a cooperative of water rights via the Hydraulic Canal that powered our region’s earliest tanneries, grist mills, etc. We now refer to the district as The Larkin District, or “Larkinville”(LV), in honor of The Larkin Company which played such a central role in the development of the district for over 60 years beginning in the 1870’s.

This former Larkin Filling Station # 6 was originally built in 1930 and was part of the first ever chain of service stations that stretched across Western New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Filling Station #6 was placed near the railroad to lower operating costs as much as possible, and successfully served this bustling neighborhood for many decades. The station was sold to Gulf Oil in 1941 and the appearance was ultimately ‘modernized’ with white, blue and orange metal panels, this was the hallmark of their aesthetic.

The Filling Station was purchased in 2009 by Larkin Development Group who quickly removed the metal panels, thus revealing the original brick and concrete structure. The capitals of the concrete columns display an ‘icicle’ motif, and have been fully restored on the building’s exterior. All the original interior walls were removed and the building has been retrofitted to accommodate a state-of-the-art restaurant.

John Larkin’s spirit of innovation and customer service is alive and well among the many businesses in the Larkin District, and The Filling Station restaurant is just the latest example of that spirit of innovation.

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Larkin Filling Station
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Photography by Jill Greenberg & Lifestyle Photography